…the scots never lost a battle…

It was a normal rainy day and we’re doing normal things with our lives…in the highlands.

Suddenly, in the line of horizon, a warband, they come treacherous… and from them lines and enormous “haggis”…cross lover… sun of a dog… came out defiant.

He cry for a duel of champs.

And so it began,,,

From our lines McMorg advances…

The champs met at the center of the field and the bastard “haggis” with a treacherous coup wounded McMorg twice.

McMorg stood up and call him bad names…and for our surprise the “haggis” run back to call his friends.

And like a storm they came on us. They are endless like the herd of sheeps of old Loops the Normand Bastard.

Our line tightened up, shoulder to shoulder to brace the impact.

But they don’t run to us, in Scottish way, they advance behind a shieldwall.

– What’s that? – Cry Fungus – we never fight hiding behind shields. –  Herd of Haggis…-

Them leader, the “great haggis”, shield himself with his man and order the advance from behind…

They clash in our line…ignoring our leader the “great Haggis” and his man go for our heartgard…few in numbers, and kill them all. Like true Scots they fall fighting and taking a lot of enemies with them. With a cry our warriors charged them to revenge the comrades and finished them misery, but is a trap…new, fresh enemies come to the fray , endless enemies…

We prepare for sell our lives and McMorg step out of our line to make a final stand and die like a brave highlander in single duel. The” great Haggis” is treacherous and bring his heartgard with him to the fight

McMorg fight surrounded by enemies and…With 6 nasty bloody scratches, and inflicting 4 horrible hounds in the Haggis he survived.

IMG_0394 IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409

the haggis                                                          and the scots

IMG_0410 IMG_0411

scots warriors                                                           The endless herd of haggis

IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

The and of god pointing the great Haggis

IMG_0415 IMG_0416

Here you see the Scots heartgard               Here you don’t

IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422

So… for history… to be told… (In the highlands any way…) and songs to be written…

“They come to kill our leader and they failed… They come to conquer our land and slave us all and we still here (fewer) free scots in the highlands… but free…

now they know… we are highlanders of clan McMorg, they have to kill us all to claim victory.

…the scots never lost a battle…