X-Wing: Evacuation of Hoth – Blockade Runner (Mission II)

As the invasion rages on below, the GR75 escapes into orbit and plunges headfirst into the imperial blockade.

 “Stand by, Ion Control…Fire.”
―Toryn Farr

Imperial forces scramble to intercept the transport before it passes beyond the range of the merciless salvo of turbolasers.With the help of Hoth’s planetary ion cannon, however, the Rebel forces may be able to punch through the blockade and make the jump to hyperspace.

 “As the Rebels fled, the 501st gathered around a burning bunker, and let out a cheer that shook the stars. The Rebellion was done.”
―Retired clone trooper

The Rebel starships must survive wave after wave of Imperial fighters that make their way from the blockading Star Destroyers to engage the Rebel forces. As the Rebels continue along their flight path, their battle with the Imperial ships is punctuated by shots from planetary ion cannons and nearby Star Destroyers raining down turbolaser and ion blasts.

Rebels won the first encounter.

Following the campaigns rules, all surviving rebel unique ships (Wedge Antilles and Aire Cracken) may be equipped with a free upgrade for free (up to 5pts).
Each rebel unique ships destroyed (Biggs and Lt Blount) should be replaced by non unique ships of the same type and lowest squad point cost. So a X-Wing Rookie Pilot and a Z-95 Bandit.
The GR75 foi was heavily damaged and will start the game with a “Minor Hull Breach” damage card.
The Rebels players may see the next mission Imperial squadron.

The Galactic Empire:

Tie Interceptor Carnor Jax, Push the Limit

Tie Interceptor Saber Squadron, Push the Limit

Tie Interceptor Saber Squadron, Push the Limit

Tie Bomber Captain Jonus, Push the Limit, Ion Torpedo, Proton Rocket

Tie Bomber Scimitar Squadron, Fletchette Torpedos, Proton Rockets

Tie Bomber Scimitar Squadron, Fletchette Torpedos, Proton Rockets

Tie Fighter “Mauler Mithel”, Outmaneuver

Tie Fighter Black Squadron

Tie Fighter Black Squadron

The Rebel Alliance:

GR-75 Combat Retrofit; Bright Hope, Tibanna Gas Supplies ; Back UpShield Generator;  Chewbacca,

X-Wing Wedge Antilles, R2, Push the Limit

X-Wing Garven Dreis;

B-Wing Nera Dantels, Ad. Sensors, 2xFletchette Torpedoes

Z-95 Airen Cracken,

Rebel Objective: The GR-75 must survive  after8 turns

Empire Objective: Destroy the GR-75

And once again, Heavily cripple, the transport ship slowly lumbers…escaping the grip of Emperor and his minions.

Rebel Victory