X-Wing: The Point of no Return – Refueling Ambush

The Rebels have emerged relatively unscathed from their initial encounter, but have provoked the ire of the Empire. While stopped at a refueling station, the CR90 is ambushed by the battered remnants of the original TIE patrol bolstered by an elite squadron led by Soontir Fel.

The situation looks bleak for the CR90’s crew until a group of Rebel fighters comes to their defense.

The CR-90 ir refuelling at the time the Black Squadrons appear. With the refuelling container still attached, and running on fume, the corvette fires up, as the station guards are launched to intercept the incoming adversaries.

The Rebelds:

  • CR90
    • Fore Section:
      • 2 x Single Turbo Lasers
      • 1 x Gunnery Team
      • 1 x Sensor Team
    • Aft Section
      • 1 x Quad Laser Cannon
      • 1 x Engineering Team
      • Tibanna Gas Supplies
  • 3 x Rookie Pilot
  • 1 x Bandit Sqn.

The Galactic Empire:

  • Soontir Fel, Push the Limit;
  • 5 x Black Squadron;
  • 1 x Storm Sqn
  • 1 x Scimitar Sqn, Concussion Missiles

For the Rebels: Destroy All Galactic Empire Ships or flee from the Imperial ambush.

For the Galactic Empire: Cripple one of CR90 sections.

…and when the black ships close in to CR90 the engines start…

The full power of the ionization reactor caught unprepared the approaching enemies, unable to dodge the mighty vessel, they crashed, harmlessly, against the hull.

The Rebels won, once again.