X-Wing: Vidla Crucible

One more race without a winner at the Vidle Crucible

The Densis Rift   claim the toll of 3! That’s wright! 3! 3 pilots were lost for the wretched warp hole!

The last 2 racers…simple couldn’t withstand such a carnage that refuse to complete the circuit fearing the murderous rift!

Once again…no one survive the DENSIS RIFT!

Tha “Sponsors”



M3-A Interceptor

2_Starviper na frente

Starting at the Pole Position, the Starviper jump head of the remaining competitors



At the first turning point, the Starviper closes in, keeping a comfortable advantage over the Tie-Racers


Ups!…Some pilots simple don’t what is needed to run in such a competitive championship


Plan B. Blazing Guns!


Starviper way ahead…for now…


The Rift and his victims! A starviper, a Tie-Racer and an A-Wing being pull through the dreadful breach.

No prize for you!


2014 blog in review

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X-Wing: Red Vs Black

 “All wings report in. — Red Ten standing by. — Red Seven standing by. — Red Three standing by. — Red Six standing by. — Red Nine standing by. — Red Two standing by. — Red Eleven standing by. — Red Five standing by.”


Red Squadron was an Alliance Starfighter Corps X-wing squadron active during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron most famously fought at the Battle of Yavin and Battle of Endor

Red Squadron was stationed aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence during the build up to the Battle of Yavin. Pilots who flew with the squadron included Lieutenant Hamo Blastwell, Keyan Farlander, Samuel Raider and Puck Naeco. Many members were transferred to Yavin Base and reassigned to different squadrons for the Death Star assault.

Red Squadron was cobbled together from pilots from the Dantooine Squadron, the Ecliptic Evaders, and the Tierfon Yellow Aces for the assault on the Death Star. During the battle, Red Squadron gained the distinction of being the unit that brought down the Death Star’s defenses as well as ultimately destroying the station itself. But the victory came at a price. Almost the entire squadron was destroyed, except for two X-wings flown by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.

Red Squadron Pilots:

Wedge Antilles — X-Wing

Luke Skywalker — X-Wing

Jek Porkins — X-Wing

Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing

Garven Dreis — X-Wing

Red Squadron Pilot — X-Wing

Red Squadron Pilot — X-Wing

Total: 180pts


Stationed aboard the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, Black Squadron was the TIE unit which Vader led into battle against the attacking Rebel snubfighters—the only TIE unit to deploy against the Rebels during the battle. As Moff Tarkin and most of the rest of the Death Star’s chain of command refused to take the threat the Rebellion posed seriously, only the squadron that Vader personally commanded launched—fortunately for the Alliance, as the giant station carried several thousand TIEs that would have easily overwhelmed the few dozen snubfighters the Rebels managed to throw against it. An element of six TIEs attacked the X-wings providing top cover, while Vader himself and two wing guards engaged the ships making the trench run. It is not often appreciated these TIE pilots were significantly outnumbered during the battle, but the members of Black Squadron were among the finest the Empire had to offer: they fought hard, and were responsible for many of the Alliance casualties.

Black Squadron Pilots:

Darth Vader — TIE Advanced

“Mauler Mithel” — TIE Fighter

“Backstabber” — TIE Fighter

“Dark Curse” — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 5 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 6— TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 7 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 8— TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 9 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 10 — TIE Fighter

Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle    21

Total: 183pts

Play Area: 4’x6′, 12 asteroids

200pt Squadron (ALL listed Pilots + upgrades

X-Wing: The Point of no Return – Refueling Ambush

The Rebels have emerged relatively unscathed from their initial encounter, but have provoked the ire of the Empire. While stopped at a refueling station, the CR90 is ambushed by the battered remnants of the original TIE patrol bolstered by an elite squadron led by Soontir Fel.

The situation looks bleak for the CR90’s crew until a group of Rebel fighters comes to their defense.

The CR-90 ir refuelling at the time the Black Squadrons appear. With the refuelling container still attached, and running on fume, the corvette fires up, as the station guards are launched to intercept the incoming adversaries.

The Rebelds:

  • CR90
    • Fore Section:
      • 2 x Single Turbo Lasers
      • 1 x Gunnery Team
      • 1 x Sensor Team
    • Aft Section
      • 1 x Quad Laser Cannon
      • 1 x Engineering Team
      • Tibanna Gas Supplies
  • 3 x Rookie Pilot
  • 1 x Bandit Sqn.

The Galactic Empire:

  • Soontir Fel, Push the Limit;
  • 5 x Black Squadron;
  • 1 x Storm Sqn
  • 1 x Scimitar Sqn, Concussion Missiles

For the Rebels: Destroy All Galactic Empire Ships or flee from the Imperial ambush.

For the Galactic Empire: Cripple one of CR90 sections.

…and when the black ships close in to CR90 the engines start…

The full power of the ionization reactor caught unprepared the approaching enemies, unable to dodge the mighty vessel, they crashed, harmlessly, against the hull.

The Rebels won, once again.

X-Wing: The Point of No Return – Mistaken Identity

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The six missions that form the expansion’s Point of No Return campaign present the most cinematic X-Wing experience yet… so they say.

Things escalate quickly for a band of Rebel smugglers when their CR90 is intercepted by a patrol of TIE fighter pilots eager to enforce the Empire’s authoritarian directives. The Rebels must fight their way through the patrol, and they must also effect their escape before their ship suffers heavy damage.

For the Rebels: CR90

  • Fore Section:
    • 2 x Single Turbo Lasers
    • 1 x Gunnery Team
    • 1 x Sensor Team
  • Aft Section
    • 1 x Quad Laser Cannon
    • 1 x Engineering Team
    • Tibanna Gas Supplies

For the Galactic Empire: Howlrunner, 5 x Black Squadron.


For the Rebels: Neither section of the CR90 is crippled after 6 rounds.

For the Galactic Empire: Cripple one of CR90 sections.

…and so it starts…

In the end, the Rebel ship escape victorious.

The Imperial Patrol, reduced to a single ship retreat in order to proceed with the pursuit on more favourable terms.

To be continued…on Refueling Ambush…