X-Wing: The Point of No Return – Mistaken Identity

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The six missions that form the expansion’s Point of No Return campaign present the most cinematic X-Wing experience yet… so they say.

Things escalate quickly for a band of Rebel smugglers when their CR90 is intercepted by a patrol of TIE fighter pilots eager to enforce the Empire’s authoritarian directives. The Rebels must fight their way through the patrol, and they must also effect their escape before their ship suffers heavy damage.

For the Rebels: CR90

  • Fore Section:
    • 2 x Single Turbo Lasers
    • 1 x Gunnery Team
    • 1 x Sensor Team
  • Aft Section
    • 1 x Quad Laser Cannon
    • 1 x Engineering Team
    • Tibanna Gas Supplies

For the Galactic Empire: Howlrunner, 5 x Black Squadron.


For the Rebels: Neither section of the CR90 is crippled after 6 rounds.

For the Galactic Empire: Cripple one of CR90 sections.

…and so it starts…

In the end, the Rebel ship escape victorious.

The Imperial Patrol, reduced to a single ship retreat in order to proceed with the pursuit on more favourable terms.

To be continued…on Refueling Ambush…