X-Wing: The Point of no Return – Satellite Uplink

“Kicking Empire Galacti Arse is easy! Lets do this again”
by CR90 “Tie Trasher” Commander

Having survived, again, another entanglement with the Galactic Empire, the Captain of the “Tie Trasher” vows to thwart the Empire in whatever way he can.

He volunteer his services to stay near a satellite cluster in order to intercept Imperial communications.

The Rebelds:

  • CR90
    • Fore Section:
      • 2 x Single Turbo Lasers
      • 1 x Gunnery Team
      • 1 x Sensor Team
    • Aft Section
      • 1 x Quad Laser Cannon
      • 1 x Engineering Team
      • Tibanna Gas Supplies
  • Wedge Antilles (Proton Torpedos, R2 Astromech)
  • 100pts Squadron

The Galactic Empire:

  • Maarek Stele, Cluster Missiles, Markmanship
  • 4 x Black Squadron;
  • 100pts Squadron

For the Rebels: Destroy All Galactic Empire Ships or flee from the Imperial ambush.

For the Galactic Empire: Destory thef CR90 or all sattelites