Blood Bowl National League Gazette nº5

Top 10 Fans in Stadium Games

2013/04/09 – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. – SVC – Skaven Victoria Club 35.000
2013/04/08 – Orc´s Dragons – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. 29.000
2013/04/09 – TW – The Wannabeez – The Hu’Ménage 28.000
2013/04/07 – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. – TW – The Wannabeez 27.000
2013/04/08 – MEKUNEKUS – Flying Food 27.000
2013/03/19 – Flying Food – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. 26.000
2013/04/01 – The Pathfinders – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. 26.000
2013/04/06 – The Hu’Ménage – Smells like Cheetah 26.000
2013/03/21 – SVC – Skaven Victoria Club – Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. 25.000
2013/03/21 – TW – The Wannabeez – Orc´s Dragons 24.000

Hi Fans of Blood Bowl
The interest for the league is taking proportions of madness, never seen before, with lots of crowd going to the stadiums to see the battles… sorry the games between teams. The tickets selling record of the first day of season in 19/03 for the game of Flying Food VS Helgakviõa with 26.000 spectators, only be matched again in 01/04 in northern epic game beeween the Pathfinders Vs Helkgaviõa
In the last days this record falls several times. At 07/04 with 27.000 attending the game Helkgaviõa vs Wannabeez in the next day the same amount of fans in the game Mekunekus VS Flying Food and the record of fans fall again in that same day in the game Orc´s Dragons VS Helgakviða with 29.000 cheering fans.
At 09/04 the game between The Wannabeez VS The Hu’Ménage almost reach the same number of fans with 28.000 and in the same night at Helkgaviõa vs SVC the crowd amount pulverized the record with 35.000 in and under the stadium.
And now the Score of the Leage: