Blood Bowl National League Gazette Nº4

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fans of Blood Bowl

After 15 day of National League, with the support of “águaraz”- the cold soft drink that makes you pimples, we bring to you the League Classification table.


As you can see teams don’t have the same number of games, but that’s life, and we believe that over time the difference will crumble.
Teams playing the ÀGUARAZ – BLOOD BOWL NATIONAL LEAGUE (15 so far)
Team Race Coach
WSKA – Weak Side Kick Ass Human Firepigeon, The Screamer (M.Pombeiro)
Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. Norse Frosk Södermanland (T.Canilho)
Flying Food Halfling Gordo Eatalot (P.Lourenço)
B N’R -Bosta N’Raiders Dark Elf Kem Erda (C.Carvalho)
Orc´s Dragons Orc Ney ,The Brave (M.Lopes)
The Pathfinders Norse Antonvar “The Seeker”(A.Ferreira)
TW – The Wannabeez Orc Carlos “Warboss” Tomas
SVC – Skaven Victoria Club Skaven Di Morgi (N.Morgado)
Orcageddon Orc Pedro ‘Da Boss’ Pires
Loren Foxes Wood Elf Tozé Boda (E.Dias)
Smells like Cheetah Elf Ismael, The Scout (I.Almas)
The Bushwackers Amazon Ron Jeremy (L.Farinhote)
The Hu’Ménage Human Franciscoahorta (F.Horta)
MEKUNEKUS Chaos Dw The Focker Neku (N.Figueiredo)
Black Party Human Mr.MacBoobies (G.Pombeiro)

That´s it, for now, see you…

Blood Bowl National League Gazette Nº3

Blood Bowl!!!

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssss fans of Blood Bowl

Today we report the 1st game of the season.

Halflings Flying Food vs Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. at the TeaMug Stadium, home of HFF, at Alvaladeshire. The report came to us from “Can’ ilho the Barberian”our ground reporter

The game was of extremely high ( don’t apply this to halflings)  technical quality (this you can)…26 000 Fans ( for 16 000 for HFF and 10 000 from HH d’Algés) crowded the TeaMug Stadium for the very first game of the 2013 season.

1st Half
The HFF have the starter kick and the scorer was inaugurated at 4 “time turn” by the HH d’álgés via Ragnar  Nøgne, the only blitzer of the norse man. The reply did not take long, Mil Folhas ( or Entremeada or Torresmos or Paelha…or…whatever his name was…) was thrown to the end line and sssccccoooooore…. for furry feet Flying Food Lourenso’s team.

The HH d’Álges, coach greets with sportsmanship the opponent – …F*#$%&&, C*#$%&!”o! The dud throw the furry feet! …F*#$%&&, C*#$%&!”o! – This can’t be legal – …F*#$%&&, C*#$%&!”o! – Ilegal procedure! Ilegal Procedure!…

But as you fans know this is a perfectly valid play – …F*#$%&&, C*#$%&!”o! ….to furry feet

2nd Half

The Norse kick off… and “Sandes de Torresmos” with butter hands” ( he ate a cupcake at the break) drops the ball…successively…until ….it ended in the Ulfwerener, Geri Carlsberg  (his brother Freki Carlsberg, got one halfling elbow spiked between teeth…. but took his arm off in the process!)

The Norse did a “box” to protect the ball and kept it until the final stretch of game, Geri made the victorious Touchdown.

2-1 to HH. 3 Halflings were eaten eaten (1 by the  italian Troll, Drengi di Boli, other by Freki and other by an anonymous lineman). The HH raised 60K e +1 FF.
Victorious première to HH d’Algés!
At TeaMug Stadium from countertops the crowd cries.



In 1Bigos some menbers take the hobby to new level.
Is the case of our mate Mr. Lopes, who did this wonderful work.
(does he want to be a farmer???)
Now we can sing “old mate Lopes made a farm…”
Maybe is next job will be a duck pond or a poultry for chichen…
Stay tunned…