Blood Bowl National League Gazette Nº4

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fans of Blood Bowl

After 15 day of National League, with the support of “águaraz”- the cold soft drink that makes you pimples, we bring to you the League Classification table.


As you can see teams don’t have the same number of games, but that’s life, and we believe that over time the difference will crumble.
Teams playing the ÀGUARAZ – BLOOD BOWL NATIONAL LEAGUE (15 so far)
Team Race Coach
WSKA – Weak Side Kick Ass Human Firepigeon, The Screamer (M.Pombeiro)
Helgakviða Hundingsbana d’ Algés B.C. Norse Frosk Södermanland (T.Canilho)
Flying Food Halfling Gordo Eatalot (P.Lourenço)
B N’R -Bosta N’Raiders Dark Elf Kem Erda (C.Carvalho)
Orc´s Dragons Orc Ney ,The Brave (M.Lopes)
The Pathfinders Norse Antonvar “The Seeker”(A.Ferreira)
TW – The Wannabeez Orc Carlos “Warboss” Tomas
SVC – Skaven Victoria Club Skaven Di Morgi (N.Morgado)
Orcageddon Orc Pedro ‘Da Boss’ Pires
Loren Foxes Wood Elf Tozé Boda (E.Dias)
Smells like Cheetah Elf Ismael, The Scout (I.Almas)
The Bushwackers Amazon Ron Jeremy (L.Farinhote)
The Hu’Ménage Human Franciscoahorta (F.Horta)
MEKUNEKUS Chaos Dw The Focker Neku (N.Figueiredo)
Black Party Human Mr.MacBoobies (G.Pombeiro)

That´s it, for now, see you…