X-Wing: Evacuation of Hoth – Evacuation (Mission I)

Following the Rebel Alliance’s major victory at Yavin, Imperial forces eventually forced the Rebellion to abandon their base on Yavin 4. A holocron created by Bail Organa, one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, contained a list of possible hideouts in the event that the Yavin 4 base was lost. This list led the Rebellion to the “graveyard world” Boz Pity, but the Empire quickly discovered this base and forced the Rebellion to abandon Boz Pity as well.Despite the loss of both the Yavin 4 and Boz Pity bases, around 1 ABY, Hoth was chosen by Luke Skywalker as the Rebellion’s new main base after being stranded on the planet for a period of time.[28] During an assault on Zaloriis City to punish the Zaloran separatists between 2.5 ABY and 3 ABY, Lord Darth Vader and General Maximilian Veers discovered archives of the library which showed the new location to be somewhere near the Elrood system.Ironically, an Imperial unit managed to uncover Echo Base during a mission on Hoth and attacked it, only for the Rebels to wipe out all but a handful of survivors. The survivors attempted to report their discovery, but their superior, General Nevar, deleted their report out of incompetence.

The GR-75 departs from Echo base and soars out Hoth’s atmosphere, but it most travel through an imperial minefield on its way. The fighters escorting the transport struggle to override the mines, programming and seize control of them in order to buy precious time for the transport to escape.

The Galactic Empire:

TIE Fighter “Backstabber”

TIE Bomber Gamma Squadron Pilot, Flechette Torpedoes, Ion Pulse Missiles

TIE Bomber Gamma Squadron Pilot, Flechette Torpedoes, Ion Pulse Missiles

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

The Rebel Alliance:

GR-75 Combat Retrofit; Bright Hope, Tibanna Gas Supplies ; Back UpShield Generator;  Chewbacca, Engine Booster

X-Wing Wedge Antilles, R2, Push the Limit

X-Wing Biggs, R2-D2, Shield Upgrade

Z-95 Airen Cracken

Z-95 Lt. Blount, Flechette Torpedos

Rebel Objective: The GR-75 flees from the play area

Empire Objective: Destroy the GR-75

Heavily cripple, the ship slowly lumbers trough space barely fleeing from their attackers…

Once again, the Rebels triumphed.

Rebel Victory

Our mission today is not to defeat the Empire. What we must do is to keep the Rebel Alliance alive.

―Leia Organa, before the battle begins