Wings of War

Last night two gamers got locked in a WWI airbattle, using the Wings of War ruleset:

Empire of the Dead – The begining (3)

A new adventure on the pursuit of Professor Moriarty, this time in the small Suisse village of Spa Bretzelburg. We have two new bands The new Cowgirls Dark Fire club, and the English Gentlemen with Sherlock and Watson on the lead.

Objective: Take the Professor alive and try not be shooting by her loyal friends and the fears Bretzelburg polizei. Try not wound the peaceful civilians please.

In the final the professor is capture by the Lincoln Boys, but her fellowship have a big science lab in Egypt and make a promise – revenge the capture of their leader. Next game travel to Egypt

A part of the table


Prof. Moriarty

New Dark Fire Club

Lincoln Boys

“Little” Alexandra of Timissoara

Whem the game looks like OK Corral

Protect the rail station the last escape point.

A new table

Looking at the number of members at 1Bigos that play Dystopian Wars, Epic, Battletech, Micoarmor, an other small scale games, there was a need to have terrain specific to this small scales. From idea to idea it was born the concept and now the final execution of a full tabletop gaming table suited for this scales. Based in geomorphic tiles, with inspiration drawn from systems like Advanced Squad Leader, this table allows for miniature scales in rage from 2mm to 10mm, and with some imagination it can be made to accomodate even up to 15mm. The end result of several months of work is now available for all 1Bigos members to go head on in titanic battles.

For sure this terrain will appear in future games brought to the attention of this blog.


TYW – Testing new rules

In the past weekend we made a game to test the rules that we are developing for publication on the period of the 30 Years War. already asking ours excuses for the miniatures not be all painted, because even in this front this is a work in progress. In this battle we had the Swedish and English protestant troops against the catholics of Spain and the Sacro Empire. This was a good test where we took the opportunity to check rules, amend some in the spot, and take a lot of notes to improve the rules.

The table

The table

Swedish and English deployment

Swedish and English deployment

Catholic deployment

Catholic deployment

After deployment

After deployment

Swedish/English first move

Swedish/English first move

Empire of the Dead – The Adventure continues

In the past 18th we made another a game of the EotD campaign, an excellent chance to try the new Terraclips sewers and streets.

The four groups in presence (Vampires, Gentlemen Club, WereWolfs and Dark Fire Club) continue in search of a group of scientists whom it intends to dominate the World they learn how rise and control the Zombies. At this time in the little village of St. Michael guard by a group of priest. Objective: find the last localization of the group of scientists and to know, who is the leader of this group of insane people who control Zombies?

All had decided to abandon the village taken by Zombies, and gladly dive in the sewers.All? No! The Lincolns Boys enter in the old convent and are hit by a priest , the young boys of the West had not left of fight back and after one of the priests to be out of action and another one to be very damaged is namely that the scientists if congregated in the church. In the beginning the monks until collaborated with the scientists, but they had early perceived that the only interest of this group is to dominate the populations and transform peaceful citizens into slave Zombies. The American boys run to the church and find documents and a badly wounded scientist a very god game to the Lincoln Boys.

However in the central square the vampires of Timissoara leave its bats to play the catch and run game with zombies and late in time they understand that the sewers are very pretty and pleasantly dark, but had was to order its servers for run to the church.

The young Werewolfs on the other hand decides to search the tombs of the monastery and discover some information and something of valuable too. There they had obtained, but for such they had had to face some monks in fury for somebody of four legs to be to violate its secrets. But it compensated and they discover information about scientists had still obtained some potions of doubtful effect taken by some obliged “voluntarily” members of the group. ~

The Dark Fire Club, had found that all this age a nonsense and a loss of time and would be much more interesting to discover all the treasures and objects spread for the sewers. With sufficient success it is truth that of this time the luck protected the black side of the force. They had not collected excellent information, but they had finished of full pockets.

In the end the little Alexandra of Timissoara faced and destroyed the Knight Marshall Zacarias in singular combat.

Next destination, the Suisse mountains in search of Professor Moriarty.

St. Michael village


another view of St. Michael

Vampires at sewers

Central Square

Lincoln Boys at the convent


Exploring St. Michael dark side

Tombs and labirints

Werewolfs fight with St. Michael monks

Zombies and bats at central square

Knight Marshall Zacarias

The table