X-Wing: Evacuation of Hoth – Blockade Runner (Mission II)

As the invasion rages on below, the GR75 escapes into orbit and plunges headfirst into the imperial blockade.

 “Stand by, Ion Control…Fire.”
―Toryn Farr

Imperial forces scramble to intercept the transport before it passes beyond the range of the merciless salvo of turbolasers.With the help of Hoth’s planetary ion cannon, however, the Rebel forces may be able to punch through the blockade and make the jump to hyperspace.

 “As the Rebels fled, the 501st gathered around a burning bunker, and let out a cheer that shook the stars. The Rebellion was done.”
―Retired clone trooper

The Rebel starships must survive wave after wave of Imperial fighters that make their way from the blockading Star Destroyers to engage the Rebel forces. As the Rebels continue along their flight path, their battle with the Imperial ships is punctuated by shots from planetary ion cannons and nearby Star Destroyers raining down turbolaser and ion blasts.

Rebels won the first encounter.

Following the campaigns rules, all surviving rebel unique ships (Wedge Antilles and Aire Cracken) may be equipped with a free upgrade for free (up to 5pts).
Each rebel unique ships destroyed (Biggs and Lt Blount) should be replaced by non unique ships of the same type and lowest squad point cost. So a X-Wing Rookie Pilot and a Z-95 Bandit.
The GR75 foi was heavily damaged and will start the game with a “Minor Hull Breach” damage card.
The Rebels players may see the next mission Imperial squadron.

The Galactic Empire:

Tie Interceptor Carnor Jax, Push the Limit

Tie Interceptor Saber Squadron, Push the Limit

Tie Interceptor Saber Squadron, Push the Limit

Tie Bomber Captain Jonus, Push the Limit, Ion Torpedo, Proton Rocket

Tie Bomber Scimitar Squadron, Fletchette Torpedos, Proton Rockets

Tie Bomber Scimitar Squadron, Fletchette Torpedos, Proton Rockets

Tie Fighter “Mauler Mithel”, Outmaneuver

Tie Fighter Black Squadron

Tie Fighter Black Squadron

The Rebel Alliance:

GR-75 Combat Retrofit; Bright Hope, Tibanna Gas Supplies ; Back UpShield Generator;  Chewbacca,

X-Wing Wedge Antilles, R2, Push the Limit

X-Wing Garven Dreis;

B-Wing Nera Dantels, Ad. Sensors, 2xFletchette Torpedoes

Z-95 Airen Cracken,

Rebel Objective: The GR-75 must survive  after8 turns

Empire Objective: Destroy the GR-75

And once again, Heavily cripple, the transport ship slowly lumbers…escaping the grip of Emperor and his minions.

Rebel Victory

X-Wing: Red Vs Black

 “All wings report in. — Red Ten standing by. — Red Seven standing by. — Red Three standing by. — Red Six standing by. — Red Nine standing by. — Red Two standing by. — Red Eleven standing by. — Red Five standing by.”


Red Squadron was an Alliance Starfighter Corps X-wing squadron active during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron most famously fought at the Battle of Yavin and Battle of Endor

Red Squadron was stationed aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence during the build up to the Battle of Yavin. Pilots who flew with the squadron included Lieutenant Hamo Blastwell, Keyan Farlander, Samuel Raider and Puck Naeco. Many members were transferred to Yavin Base and reassigned to different squadrons for the Death Star assault.

Red Squadron was cobbled together from pilots from the Dantooine Squadron, the Ecliptic Evaders, and the Tierfon Yellow Aces for the assault on the Death Star. During the battle, Red Squadron gained the distinction of being the unit that brought down the Death Star’s defenses as well as ultimately destroying the station itself. But the victory came at a price. Almost the entire squadron was destroyed, except for two X-wings flown by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.

Red Squadron Pilots:

Wedge Antilles — X-Wing

Luke Skywalker — X-Wing

Jek Porkins — X-Wing

Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing

Garven Dreis — X-Wing

Red Squadron Pilot — X-Wing

Red Squadron Pilot — X-Wing

Total: 180pts


Stationed aboard the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, Black Squadron was the TIE unit which Vader led into battle against the attacking Rebel snubfighters—the only TIE unit to deploy against the Rebels during the battle. As Moff Tarkin and most of the rest of the Death Star’s chain of command refused to take the threat the Rebellion posed seriously, only the squadron that Vader personally commanded launched—fortunately for the Alliance, as the giant station carried several thousand TIEs that would have easily overwhelmed the few dozen snubfighters the Rebels managed to throw against it. An element of six TIEs attacked the X-wings providing top cover, while Vader himself and two wing guards engaged the ships making the trench run. It is not often appreciated these TIE pilots were significantly outnumbered during the battle, but the members of Black Squadron were among the finest the Empire had to offer: they fought hard, and were responsible for many of the Alliance casualties.

Black Squadron Pilots:

Darth Vader — TIE Advanced

“Mauler Mithel” — TIE Fighter

“Backstabber” — TIE Fighter

“Dark Curse” — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 5 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 6— TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 7 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 8— TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 9 — TIE Fighter

Black Squadron 10 — TIE Fighter

Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle    21

Total: 183pts

Play Area: 4’x6′, 12 asteroids

200pt Squadron (ALL listed Pilots + upgrades

X-Wing: Evacuation of Hoth – Evacuation (Mission I)

Following the Rebel Alliance’s major victory at Yavin, Imperial forces eventually forced the Rebellion to abandon their base on Yavin 4. A holocron created by Bail Organa, one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, contained a list of possible hideouts in the event that the Yavin 4 base was lost. This list led the Rebellion to the “graveyard world” Boz Pity, but the Empire quickly discovered this base and forced the Rebellion to abandon Boz Pity as well.Despite the loss of both the Yavin 4 and Boz Pity bases, around 1 ABY, Hoth was chosen by Luke Skywalker as the Rebellion’s new main base after being stranded on the planet for a period of time.[28] During an assault on Zaloriis City to punish the Zaloran separatists between 2.5 ABY and 3 ABY, Lord Darth Vader and General Maximilian Veers discovered archives of the library which showed the new location to be somewhere near the Elrood system.Ironically, an Imperial unit managed to uncover Echo Base during a mission on Hoth and attacked it, only for the Rebels to wipe out all but a handful of survivors. The survivors attempted to report their discovery, but their superior, General Nevar, deleted their report out of incompetence.

The GR-75 departs from Echo base and soars out Hoth’s atmosphere, but it most travel through an imperial minefield on its way. The fighters escorting the transport struggle to override the mines, programming and seize control of them in order to buy precious time for the transport to escape.

The Galactic Empire:

TIE Fighter “Backstabber”

TIE Bomber Gamma Squadron Pilot, Flechette Torpedoes, Ion Pulse Missiles

TIE Bomber Gamma Squadron Pilot, Flechette Torpedoes, Ion Pulse Missiles

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

TIE Fighter Academy Pilot

The Rebel Alliance:

GR-75 Combat Retrofit; Bright Hope, Tibanna Gas Supplies ; Back UpShield Generator;  Chewbacca, Engine Booster

X-Wing Wedge Antilles, R2, Push the Limit

X-Wing Biggs, R2-D2, Shield Upgrade

Z-95 Airen Cracken

Z-95 Lt. Blount, Flechette Torpedos

Rebel Objective: The GR-75 flees from the play area

Empire Objective: Destroy the GR-75

Heavily cripple, the ship slowly lumbers trough space barely fleeing from their attackers…

Once again, the Rebels triumphed.

Rebel Victory

Our mission today is not to defeat the Empire. What we must do is to keep the Rebel Alliance alive.

―Leia Organa, before the battle begins