Halloween Zombie Night

With a huge delay and with a big apologise to all, I finally post the story of a scary night at the club. What is the best to the Halloween night? Shore Zombies and Nazis, to take all a good and peaceful night.

The story:  With the end of the war  a German scientist discover how control and take to live hungry and bloody Zombies. And a lot more abominations. A coalition of English, American and Russian allies launch a operation to try capture or kill, (best choice) the mad scientist  and of course learn is secrets. To try this they have a very new and secret arsenal until now hidden in the deepest Devonshire caves. Heaven the little Hans of Freiburg is involve in the operations. We use the Rules of Engagement WWII rules, with some alterations and news made by master Toni. To him tanks to a very pleasant games night.

   The table

The bridges

Rampa de lançamento de V2

Rocket ready to the scientist, if he need

Enforcamento na praça central

Hanging of resistance members at central square

Vista geral

General Overview

Reporter da propaganda alemã - Von Pombeiro

The famous Von Pombeiro, German Propaganda report

Aliados enfrentam as primeiras criaturas da noite

Ally advance

Zombies in cover?

Zombies at cover?

Zonbies run to ally trops

 Zombies take the village

Paras ingleses a fazerem o que mais gostam

British paras at advance

Americanos e os seus brinquedos novos

The Americans with they new toy

Com a ajuda do Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Final do primeiro turno

First turn ends

Americas tomam as trincheiras de assalto

Assault to the trenchs

Zombies tomam o centro da vila

Zombie City

paras americanos assaltam as casas apoiados pelo Sherman

Sherman Invictus and American paras taking the village

Vista geral do assalto á vila

Great city fight

Após 5 turnos esta era a panoramica geral

General Overview at 5th turn

Com o aproximar dos aliados das pontes reforços alemães aparecem

After a unstoppable ally advance the Germans bring some huge reinforcements

O walker alemão após destruir o seu opositor americano é incendiado pelos russos

Smoky German Walker after  heavy fire from the Russians

Run baby run!

Captain  Haddock

O pior pesadelo de Indy Jones

Indy against  Zombies!?!

Americanos a Invadir em força a zona dos laboratórios

The ally advance through the bridge

Quando faltavam 2 turnos para terminar

General Overview when the allies only have 2 more turns

Defesa desesperada dos Zombies

Last stand zombie!

O laboratório

The laboratory

Último assalto aliado

clean up of the Last dark agents

O cientista tenta fugir, mas é morto mesmo no final. Cena de filme!

The escape  of the mad scientist. He die in the last turn with the last bullet, a movie scene to end the game.