Epic – Adventure in Eldar realm

With the excuse to show the game to our friend Morgado, we made a small scene of Epic 40k, one old Gw game, but for me it continues one of the best ones already to be produced by the GW.

We placed a force of 5.000 pts of Eldar against Imperial Guard.

A lot of Air Force in the field, but in the case of Imperial Guard they forgotten they fighters and therefore in a turn all the bombers had come shot down. But the mighty Imperial fire power and the size of the Eldars units, (This of being of the Elite and having little people has that if it says to it) had led best and after 4 turns the Imperial forces control the Objectives and conquer 2 of the 3 Eldar objectives.

A victory of the Imperial but with a revenge in perspective by the guys with funny ears.

It was also an excellent occasion to try the modular table of club, especially adaptable for this scale games. Thanks Pombeiro.

At last another great game play in our club, and a rule set to back again more and more.

The scene

The city

A part of Eldar force

More Eldars

Mec Column of IG an air force fly high

Guard artillery with Baneblades and Shadoswords

Eldar´s Titans ambush or taking cover?

After this action of valorous Eldar air force the air supremacy of IG is only a dream

How can we destroy super-heavys, or the bad luck is starting to the Eldar lines

Bad luck continues to the Eldars players, Pombal and Morgado… what a team!!!!!

How the Eldars lose their left flank

Lady Luck is in the IG side, Henrique and Miguel are now forbidden of roll dices together

And “pronto” once a pone a time a flank

With the conquer of the central table objective the game is lost to the Eldars “little oranges”, they have fight bravely, and put down a lot of Imperial soldiers, but to little to late.