Infinity – Road to Paradiso – test

Preparing for the campaign book, we’re starting a series of scenarios that can be easily adapted for Infinity, either from Corvus Belli or any other manufacturer.

Our purpose is to trim and test a couple, with special attention for proposed special rules and multiplayer options, as the basic annihilation seemed worn out for some of us, and that could drive away the players from a great playing system.

So, we randomly chose the following scenario, with primary consideration of the value points required versus maximum number of miniatures available for the two factions used:

Assassination adapted from

Two opposing strike-teams of equal value.

Agreed value was 300 Pts.

  • So we opted for a Haqqisllam Bahram, as the attacker, vs. a RR Merovingian force (10 Regs vs. 13 Regs), arranged as follows:

The leader of the defending team was the target

The gamewas supposed tolast for eight turns (it didn’t…it took at least a couple more!),or until one of the following criteria is met:

●The leader of the defending team is killed (it wasn’t, not for lack of trying, but because as hard as the Hassassins might try, Lady Luck was against that purpose, and they couldn’t hit a barn if they tried!…or when they did, the Mero dodged or managed to safely ARM test!…or even managing to get themselves killed on a Mero ARO with 3 to 1 chances against the Mero…)

●The attacking team makes a strategic withdrawal (this didn’t work, this time, as ALL Haqqislam soldiers present were religious troops, but can work on a campaign set)

The defending team will not check for strategic withdrawal while their leader is alive, regardless of casualties, standard strategic withdrawal rules apply to the attacking force

●Either strike-team is completely obliterated

Played out on a 4’x4′ table

The terrain represent a medium density ruined urban area, with lots of shrubs and trees.

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The idea was to have an abandoned outpost/small village already overtook by the forest (this is Paradiso!…Green and F****d Up)

There should not be any long, unobstructed lines of sight from any table edge to the center of the table,

Sometimes, we barely could figure out a valid LOF, much less long ones…at least at ground level!

The first models to be placed are the target and the bodyguards within 6” of the center of the table

The statue was the center, and the column’s set the 6’’ area for the target setup

Objectives and Victory Conditions

The objective for the attacker is to kill the leader of the defending team.

Hehe…they couldn’t hit a barn!…much less kill the lucky Mero Lt.

The defender must prevent this from happening, and drive off the attacking force.

If the first seemed easy, as the scenario evolved, the later was harder to accomplish, as those religious troops are a pain in the neck if they decide to fight to the last. Fortunately to the Mero they didn’t !

Victory points are awarded as follows:

  • For each surviving model at the end of the game, the player receives victory points equal to the model’s cost
  • If the leader of the defending team is killed, the attacker receives 150 victory points
  • If the leader of the defending team survives the game, the defender receives 75 victory points
  • If the leader of the defending team is within 6” of the center of the table at the end of the game, the defender receives an additional 75 victory points.
  • The winner is the player with the most victory points at the end of the game.

We didn’t get to figure this part out, as Haqqislam retreated with 2 out of the initial 10…with 0 casualties on the Mero part, so we could say that the Mero won by a landslide!

Special Rules

Body guard » A new Overwatch action is available to any defending model » Shield. If the target is hit by a non-template ranged attack, and a model under Overwatch has a sufficiently high Move stat to be able to reach a point on the shot’s path from its current position under a regular Move action, it may attempt the Shield action. In order to successfully carry out this action, the Overwatch model must pass a Command Check subject to the same modifiers as a Disruption Shot. If successful they have reacted in time. They are moved the minimum distance possible to reach the shot’s path, and the hit is transferred to them. If the Command Check is failed, they have not reacted in time, do not move but count as having been activated, and the hit is resolved on the target as normal. Only one model may attempt a Shield action during any single activation. For example, if the firer takes a follow-on action and hits again, no model may attempt to Shield this second hit

The Mero Lt never needed this, although we thought it could be a good addition to the rules, at least in likewise scenarios

Multiplayer Variant: This scenario is suitable for three or more players, by forming teams of attackers and defenders. Alternatively, the attackers may compete against each other to eliminate the target. For every additional attacker beyond the first competing in this way, the defender may assign an additional 25pts worth of bodyguards

It’s a must test it, and when we manage to do it, we’ll be back with further news, from Paradiso.