Tale of Two Gamers – First update

The battle fo Algesius IV was over. The Great Wolf Logan Grimnar was passing the review to the Great Company of Wolf Lord Petr Firestorm.

-Fine campaign Petr, your company did well. You managed to conquer vital objectives. More lines to your personal SAGA.

– Great Wolf, as always your words doesn’t suit me, but as you already spoke them lets make a toast with this fine mead. By the way why didn’t you travel with your company till Fenris? Why did you stay?

– My little wolf, even the Great Wolf needs to know all the forces at his disposal… – meanwhile the sound of the intercom interrupts the talk.

– My lord Petr, we have a priority message transmited by the Grey knights HQ.

– Bring the message Fisk…. Great Wolf This doesn’t sound good.

– It is like if a Kraken just hit our ship Petr…

*Incoming Transmission* Space Wolves… by the end of this campaign we consider the planet of Algesius IV excessively tainted by the ruinous powers to be kept! With this in mind we declare in the name of the Emperor, father of us all, and the inquisition EXTERMINATUS to this planet! You must consider yourselves lucky for this warning. The deterioration of your genetic material almost make us declare the Space Wolves as Traitoris… almost. *terminating transmission*

– Petr… prepare your company to battle this dumbasses, they couldn’t even see which side is the back of the Emperor even if they where a turd in his ass… Let me guide your personal company, so I can lead them into battle, while you prepare a counter offensive!!! I can not allow that those value and brave imperial guard troopers that fought by our side to be wasted like that.

– It is an honor to fight by your side my Lord, lead my men while I’ll prepare the reserves!!!

And with that the 2nd battle for Algesius IV begun….


The army lists where the following:

Space Wolves:


Logan Grimnar – 275 pontos


Wolf Guard Pack with 5 Terminators (2x Storm Bolter+Power Sword, 1x Storm Bolter+Power Axe, 1x Storm Bolter+Power Weapon+Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1x Storm Bolter+Power Fist) – 205 points

Total of 480 points

Grey Knights


Librarian with nemesis force halberd and with the following psychic powers: Might of Titan and Warp Rift. 165pts!


5 terminators with – 3 nemesis force halberd, 1 nemesis force sword and 1 Nemesis Thunder Hammer – 200pts


Dreadnought with 2 twin-linked autocannon and psybolt ammunition – 135pts.

500pts square and fare.


Beginning of the game:

Logan Grimanr got the trait – Master of the Offence – Furious Charge in the deployment zone of the enemy for him and the unit he is with.

The GK Librarian got the trait – Master of Manouver – Outflank for him and the unit he is with.

The table:

The mission was purge the alien, with deployment vanguard strike.

The Space Wolves (SW) were the first to deploy. And after the deploy of both forces the table was:

SW in theirs deployment zone:

GK in their deployment zone:


In the first turn the the SW run down the hill and get cover behind a container near by, with Logan and the wolf guard with the CML watching.

The GK walked behind the cover of a pair of containers and the Dreadnought moved behind a tree and shot his right autocannon to the SW unit, in the end it managed to inflict a wound in the Great Wolf (he missed one of the two saves he was forced to do).

The end of the 1st turn:

In the 2nd turn the SW moved further into the protection and cover of the container, with the wolf guard equipped with the CML firing to the GK Dreadnought, he benefited with the Tank Hunter special rule provided by Logan, and managed to inflict two glancings.

The GK moved forward:

They shot their storm bolters and the autocannon from the dreadnought.

In the end Logan absorbed all the shooting and managed to save all the wound minus one, a wound from the autocannon, and got the 2nd wound.

3rd turn:

Logan and his guard move to the container on their left and he provides the Tank Hunter special rule to the SW terminator with the CML witch helped him to inflict the last wound to the dreadnought, another glancing hit, but managed to remove all the hull points from the vehicle which got wrecked. First Blood for the SW.

After that the GK assault the enemy, and Logan accepted the challenge from the GK Justicar.

The GK hit with +2 of strength (The librarian managed to pass the test and made the Might of Titan psychic power and the terminators made the hammerhand power!). After everything they killed one terminator with SB+P Sword and the terminator with the CML. Hitting back the SW make two wounds, one with the power fist and the other with power axe. The librarian falis his invulnerable save and dies outright, the other wound from the power axe manage to kill another GK terminator.

In the challenge between Logan and the GK Justicar: Logan does 3 strikes with power sword and 2 with power fist. He can’t do anything with the strikes from the power sword. He strikes both attacks from the power fist and manages to hit them, the gk justicar fails 2 of his 3 strikes of thunder hammer. After the armour saves – Logan manages to pass (with 4+ invulnerable) The justicar fails both.

The GK lose the fight and after the morale check they fail (12) and run away 6’’.

The GK retreat and the 3rd turn ends:

4th turn:

The SW walk forward and shot their storm bolters, harmlessly. They assault benefiting from the preferred enemy rule provided by Logan Grimnar.

The GK made defensive fire but without results.

In close combat the GK terminators hit first, because of their halberds and manage to inflict the last wound in the Great Wolf, and ending with his life. With a unseen fury the wolf guard hit 3 attacks with power fist and 2 with power axe, the GK weren’t able to make any successful invulnerable save and end up dead.

In the final the Space Wolves got 3 Victory points (VP) from the 3 units of the GK, plus 2 VP from the mission objectives – Slay the warlord and the first blood – Total 5 points.

The Grey Knights – 1 VP for killing Logan Grimnar and 1 Vp for the mission objective – Slay the warlord – Total 2 pts.

See you in 15 days.