Tale of Two Gamers – The beginning

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys.

I am here with the purpose of informing you that I and Estica are going to develop in the following weeks a grand and magnificent project.

We are going to start a grand Tale of Two Gamers (TO2G). And this because Estica, that is a true animal, wants to go to 40Korvos (a big tournament) and does not have anything assembled and painted for his wolfies army…the ones with the big armour, those that stand guard…(for those that are more inattentive or doesn’t understand nothing of W40K, I am referring to the Space Wolves (SW) terminators!).

The idea of the Project is to prepare 250pts for the army every week, and with this I’m referring to fully assembled and painted models, ready for tournament. By the way you get to know that the tournament will be held in the weekend of 24 and 25 of November of 2012.

We are talking of 7 weeks, and if everything goes well in the end we will have a 1750pts army. And astonish your selves. Those are the points that are required for the tournament games. Right in the spot.

To start we get a good timing, what sounds promising and auspicious. Let’s hope everything goes fine.

So every 15 days (on Mondays) we will have a clash between our forces (Estica with SW and I with the natty Grey Knights (GK)) in order to re-learn the rules and fully understand our armies.

To conclude it will be published weekly a state of play about the development of our armies and every 2 weeks we will (try to) publish a battle report.

In order to give a certain flavor to the Project each one of us will write the part of the report referring to his army. And the battle report of the clash will be held by the one that is near (Volunteers!?!?!).

In this first post each one will write a resume of what are his intentions, as well as a description of the army that wants to build.

With this promises i say farewell, with the hope that our viewers enjoy the charming spectacle that we will held just for you.

Um grande abraço. Cheers.

(pictures courtesy of http://40kwargaming.blogspot.pt/ and http://greyknights666.blogspot.pt/)


As a way of keeping me motivated for the construction and painting of my Space Wolves great company secondary project, I decided to take a Loganwing to 40 Korvos (Portuguese 40k Big Tournament).

For those unaware, this type of army consists only in the use of Space Marine Terminators, which makes it a terribly short army. The name is a derivation of the Dark Angels Chapter, 1st Company, called the Deathwing, and as one can only field this army paying for Logan Grimnar, so the name Loganwing was adopted (there is a Imperial Fists Lysanderwing, and a Gay Knights Draigowing).

The fact that the list is very short has two very positive aspects. The 1st is that transportation will be very easy with a small matchbox. The 2nd is that I will name all the Infantry models, and create small Sagas for them.

This said, I’ve also put much thought about this list, coming to this final version:


Logan Grimnar – 275 points

Rune Priest in terminator armor w / Combi Melta, Rune weapon, powers (JotWW and Murderous Hurricane-Not master of runes) – 125 points


Lone Wolf with Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Storm Shield and 2 Fenrisian Wolves – 105 points


Pack Wolf Guard Terminators with 6 (1x Heavy Flamer + Frost Blade, Storm Shield + 2x ThunderHammer, 2x pair of Wolf Claws, 1x Storm Shield ChainFist +) -333 points

Wolf Guard Pack with 5 Terminators (2x Storm Bolter + Power Weapon, Combi plasma + 1x Power Weapon, Storm Bolter 1x Power Weapon + + Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1x Storm Bolter + Power Fist) – 210 points

Wolf Guard Pack with 5 Terminators (2x Storm Bolter + Power Weapon, Combi plasma + 1x Power Weapon, Storm Bolter 1x Power Weapon  + Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1x Storm Bolter + Power Fist) – 210 points

Heavy Support:

1 Land Raider Crusader with MultiMelta – 260 points

Vindicator 1 – 115 points

Vindicator 1 – 115 points

This makes for a total of 1748 points, having failed to find where to spend the remaining 2 points.

Now getting to the point, presenting the miniatures. After preparing the models, I stand at a point where I have mounted the Terminators bodies (not counting Logan Grimnar, or the Rune Priest), I have assembled the vindicators, and the Land Raider Crusader is still on sprue.

Logan Grimnar:

Rune Priest (a conversion of the plastic Lord of Chaos that is still being worked on) – I chose this particular model for my Rune Priest because it has an already feral look, very  typical of the Space Wolves. Also because the torso symbols are very similar to the librarian ones, making him a perfect choice. I’ve glued a symbol (design for the vheicles) from the old sprue on the left leg to hide the chaotic motifs and on the right leg I will sculpt some pelts, or maybe something with runes. The staff will also be converted with a wolf skull the comes with the space wolves power armor kit:

Now coming to the core of the army, my Terminators – The only weapons already glued are the 2 Cyclone Missile Launcher (CML), all the others are still waiting for me to clean the arms mold line:

The front line (7 Terminators) and 1 back-row terminator won’t be included in this project, and appear only because I’ve decided to assemble all my terminators. In the future they will help me experiment new builds and equipment variants when fielding traditional with Space Wolves lists.

With each new update I’ll also make some comments on each unit expected role on the battlefield.

The vehicles pics are not yet available, but they will debut in the next Update.

I am having a little of trouble deciding which list I should build. As I’m not going to tournament I would like to build a list strong enough for Estica’s army battle against, and which must have the minimum models to paint.

So I decided to go for an all GK Terminator army and with some mechanized friends. So for now I am going to use the following units for my 500pts army:


Librarian with a nemesis force halberd, and the following powers: Might of Titan and Warp Rift. This model going for a symbolic 165pts!


5 terminators with a mix of weapons – 3 with nemesis force halberd, 1 with nemesis force sword and 1 with Nemesis Thunder Hammer – 200pts


Dreadnought with 2 twin-linked autocannon and with psybolt ammunition – 135pts.

So this is 500pts square. Nice!

For the first week I am going to work in the Librarian and the Dreadnought – 300pts. A little bit above what it is required, but I think it won’t be a problem! They’re just two models!

So this is how the work is going:




As I am having the models finished I will also create a history for each one of them! As Estica said they are so few that I can manage to build some kind of personality in each one of them!

About my plans for the rest of the weeks I will decide them as they are going! 😉