Waterloo – A Napoleonic experience

An excellent Napoleonic game played with the rules of the extinct Warhammer Historical: Waterloo – Tabletop Wargaming in the Age of Napoleon.

Maybe not the election rules to the must Napoleonic gamers, but they are simple and fun, that for me is the must important rule.

We have the Wellington Anglo-portuguese in one side and the Marshall Ney in the other, 1500 points for each side.

To be fair this time the gods dices have a pact with the french boys, 12 (6) in 28 dice rolls? And what we can say when in 2 turns all the Anglo-portuguese center is broken with rolls like 4 when they need a 5 in 2D6? They make that in 3 times, incredible.

At the end we have a very good gaming night with a lot of fun.

part of deploy

Scots Grey

French 3º de Hussards

Dragons and Artillary

A very heavy clash!

March to glory!

Aux armes citoyens,

Isenburg Light Reg

Marchon! Marchon!

The thin red line

No more Thin red line

Allons enfants de la Patrie!