Empire of the Dead – The begining (3)

A new adventure on the pursuit of Professor Moriarty, this time in the small Suisse village of Spa Bretzelburg. We have two new bands The new Cowgirls Dark Fire club, and the English Gentlemen with Sherlock and Watson on the lead.

Objective: Take the Professor alive and try not be shooting by her loyal friends and the fears Bretzelburg polizei. Try not wound the peaceful civilians please.

In the final the professor is capture by the Lincoln Boys, but her fellowship have a big science lab in Egypt and make a promise – revenge the capture of their leader. Next game travel to Egypt

A part of the table


Prof. Moriarty

New Dark Fire Club

Lincoln Boys

“Little” Alexandra of Timissoara

Whem the game looks like OK Corral

Protect the rail station the last escape point.